Many people, mistakenly, believe that prostitution is legal in Las Vegas.  While prostitution is legal in certain counties; in Clark County, which encompasses Las Vegas and Henderson, and Washoe County, which encompasses Reno, prostitution is illegal. 


Nevada law punishes any person who attempts to procure a prostitute or any person who offers sex in exchange for money.  It does not matter if no money was ever exchanged.  Many times police officers will pose as prostitutes in bars and hotels to entice a person to ask about prostitution.  Likewise, often times undercover officers will sit at bars waiting to find person who is willing to exchange money for sex.  Because all that is needed for the crime to occur is only words; solicitation cases come down to a “he said, she said.”  An aggressive Las Vegas Solicitation Attorney is needed to defend against these charges. 


Solicitation is a misdemeanor offense and is punishable up to six months in jail and up to $1000 fine.  Also, if you are convicted of solicitation charge, you are prohibited from applying for a Sheriff’s Card, which is necessary to work in the hospitality and nightlife industry.


  • Words matter- so if the exchange, which should be memorialized in a police report, is vague or ambiguous, the  prosecution may not be able to make their case to the court.
  •  Mistake- It is possible that there was a reasonable mistake that was misinterpreted. 
  •  Set up- When the police are running a sting operation, it is possible that entrapment is a defense to your charges. 

Adrian Lobo is an experienced Las Vegas criminal defense attorney that has represented clients accused of every type of sex offense.  Call us today so for a consultation to see how we can help your solicitation charges.